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Be where your customers are looking.

If you want people to find your business online, you need to be listed in all of the places they search.


The more places you are listed and the more accurate those listings are, the more opportunities you have to be found.


ClaimLOCAL puts your name on over 70 local search and listing directories, including Google My Business, Facebook, Bing and more! It’s automated, so you don’t have to spend days doing in manually.


You can take control of your market online and lock in your listing if they are consistent across the listing services.


Check and see how accurate your listings are by performing a scan of your listings for free. Just click below.

Key to your Business’ Success

Manage Your Local Online Presence

Before the internet, a business owner could set up a sign outside their store, maybe put up a billboard along a well-travelled road, and customers would find them. Now the business world is dominated by Local SEO, Online Business Listings and directories and you have to worry about your online reputation.


Today’s digital world is complicated. People search for stores online before they show up in person. Potential customers are getting a first impression of your business before they even see your website, let alone your front door. And often that opinion is being formed from the opinions shared by your least happy customers.


Don’t let someone’s bad day ruin your business. Their bad review can have a lasting impact on your bottom line. Take control of your online presence and make sure your happy customers are the ones who leave you the most reviews.

We help customers find you.
We help customers find you.
Be Notified as Soon as Reviews are Made

Monitor Your Reviews

Once they’ve found you, positive reviews play a huge role in someone choosing your business over your competitors’.


Stay on top of the reviews your business gets. With our monitoring service, you’ll get an email within minutes of someone leaving you a review so you can take action.


Our listing scan will measure how well your reviews are doing compared to your competitors.

Get an email every time someone leaves you a review.
Get an email every time someone leaves you a review.
Data Driven

Stay on Top of Your Local Search Engine Optimization


See what people do and where they go with real-time analytics.

Smart Search Tracking

Stay on top of your keywords and compare your performance to your competitors.

Suppress Bad Info

Take inaccurate information about your business location offline by overwriting it.

Share Updates

Need to change your business hours or announce holiday hours? Do it all in one place.

This service can help YOU!

Industries that can benefit from local business listings and reputation management

Food Service

Consumers search for food more than any other type of business. Be sure your establishment shows up when they search.

Health Care

Almost half of existing healthcare listings have significant inaccuracies. Make sure yours don’t.


Local searchers have the highest intent to visit your store. 76% of consumers that use location search cell phones visit a business within 24 hours.


Maintain centralized control of your listings and allow local leaders to showcase what makes their services unique.

Legal Services

Help potential clients choose your practice over the competition and be certain they can find your office during your business hours.


Monitor and route reviews that consumers give your properties immediately to the people who need to take action, and respond to those reviews directly.

Local Search Engine Optimization, Positive Reviews

Our service will help your website rise to the top and attract more clients to your business. Discover more at the link below.