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Increase Your Local Search Ranking

The More You Know

Let’s learn about local search optimization and what you can do to bring more customers to your establishment.

Every Search is Local

Local Search

Every search made on the internet is a local search. When you use ClaimLOCAL to manage your local listings, your employees and locations will perform better in search results. That means that your customers will find the information they are looking for.

Imagine you are out with friends, driving around town, and you are hungry.

“Hey guys. Is anyone else hungry? I’m starving,” you say.

“I think we all are,” the driver responds. “Where do you want to go?”

“Let’s get pizza!” one of your friends suggests.

“Okay, pizza is fine with me. Where’s the closest place with great pizza?” the driver asks as the light turns green and you continue down the street.

Like most people, you pull out your cell phone and open up a web browser or your map app, type in “pizza” or maybe “pizza near me” and check the results.

You’ve just performed a local search. It’s a commonplace occurrence, millions of people do it every minute around the globe.

But what determines which pizza places are listed? And why is it that the one on top isn’t necessarily the one that is closest to you? To understand that you have to know how search engines rank the different pizza establishments.

There are three variables used in the equation the search algorithms use. They are relevance, distance and prominence. If the pizza place ranks high in all three, it’s the one that comes out on top.

The search engines use this basic idea to rank every business on the internet, including yours.

So let’s look at each part of the equation.

Is it a match?


A business gains relevance when the various business listings for it are consistent. Is the business name, address and phone number the same on all of the listings? A yes increases the rank. Does the business have a Google My Business listing? A yes makes it go up.

But you also need to make sure your business has detailed information on its listings. Yelp,, and others like it need to list your business in the correct categories. It lets the search engines know what your business does and will lead them to list your business higher.

Where Are You?


Location, location, locat…. Yeah, you’ve heard it before.

Location is everything for this one. It is simply the geographic distance that a searcher is from the various establishments around them.

The control you have over this one is slight and has everything to do with where you are.

Do you know who I am?


Prominence has to do with what the search engines find when they look at your business’s ratings. That means your ratings on Yelp, GMB and those on your website, if you have any and they are in a form the search engines recognize.

Prominence means how well your business is known. Are there a lot of references to its name on other websites? Has it been mentioned in news articles or blog posts? Are those sites recognized as being authoritative? The more yeses here, the higher the rank.

The more reviews and positive ratings you have, the better. And to score highest they need to be both old and new. 

Steps you can take to be listed at the top of local search results

Own Your Local Market and Business Listings

Our suite of tools is designed to address all of the factors that can influence your ranking, with an aim of putting you at the top.

The Standard service allows you to lock in your business’s information on a large number of listing services. It ensures that your information stays the same, and you can make updates from one place rather than having to sign into them all. You will also get insights as to how many people are finding you online via your listings.

Premium service allows you to update your main social media accounts from one place. This is helpful for businesses that don’t have a full time person devoted to your digital presence. You will also be notified when someone leaves a review for your business and allows you to respond to reviews.

The Plus – Reputation Manager service gives you control over your online reputation. It can also be used increase the number of first party reviews. That increases your Prominence. First party reviews also show up in search results and play a huge role in whether choose you over your competition.

Key Features


Control all of the details about your local listings from one location and lock them down without having to go through the time-consuming process of doing it manually (it can take weeks).

Manage it All From One Place

Centralize Your Digital Outreach

Consistency is key here. Making sure your information is the same across all channels raises your local search results. Having access to all of your updates from one place saves you time and hassle. It helps search engines trust your site and gets you found.

Save Time With Social

Post to all of Your Social Accounts From One Place

Can’t afford a full-time employee to post your content to all of the social networks? ClaimLOCAL makes it easy to post to your digital content streams from one place.

Smarter, Not Harder

Working With Intelligent Search Systems

Track people’s interactions with your listings. See how many people found you via Google Maps. Keep tabs on your competitors.

Manage Your Digital Reputation

Turn Your Best Customers Into Your Best Reviews

There’s no trick. You don’t need to get your employees to give your business positive reviews. You simply find your customers that truly love your business and ask THEM to give you one. It’s simple, and it works.